CIRCUMSTANCES – exchange student group exhibition

Kaiku-Galleria/Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 11-21.11.2010

Thomas Bonnotte (FR), Arnas Anskaitis (LT), Lauren Godfrey (GB), Matthias Kahnt (DE), Ieva Bernotaitė (LT), Natalia Koziel (PL), Thomas Kluckner (AT), José Luis Ortega (ES), Yuşa Yalçıntaş (TR), Tanja Harney (IE), Urška Sršen (SI), Azahara del Campo Granada (ES), Hisayoshi Miyamoto (JP)

Thirteen students from eleven different countries come together in Finland. Realising there is no way we can curate a coherent exhibition using our disparate ideas from multiple backgrounds, we conclude we must draw some connections between the works.

We decided to create a circle of ideas. Selecting names at random to form a sequence, we each passed a note, hint or rule to the person following us in the circle. This note acted as a certain constraint or inspiration from which to make the work for the show. This way, we not only make our own work but we have a hand in the making of another student’s work as well. The works are intrinsically linked as we watch another student from a different country interpret our idea and we impart our personal touch on someone else’s, forming a tight and united circle.

Kaiku-Galleria/Finnish Academy of Fine Arts

Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki
Open Mon-Fri 11-19 Sat-Sun 12-16

Hangin of Luis's videowe hangin my works

Ieva Bernotaitė ‘s cake


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